Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

Sunday we celebrate that our Lord indeed lives.

Nothing is more important. The fact that our God is alive changes everything.

It gives us the courage to go on doing the hard things when it counts. It gives us the faith to believe that all things are possible. It shows us the power of an Almighty God who will love and care for us. It lets us know that God will never leave us or forsake us.

God has come to live among us through His Spirit. We are never alone. As you work, play, walk, and craft God is with you giving you everything you need to continue on your journey. 

I encourage you to take some this weekend and revel in the love of God. Enjoy His presence. Remember His resurrection.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Living It! #3

I've been a volunteer at the hospital for almost two months now. When I set out to become a volunteer, I had little idea of how things would sort out. I came prepared to do whatever they needed. My hope was to spread some sunshine to the people I came into contact with.

But now, two months into this new adventure, I'm enjoying what I get to do. From helping staff and patients, to making the someone's day brighter, to chatting with my fellow volunteers, I like sharing the life and love God with others. Doing little things to make their day a little brighter.

Each day has a different set of challenges and joys. Part of what I enjoy is the different tasks and adapting to each.

It's just one of the ways that Live It. What could you do or start to live the It out in your life?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Still Believe: Audiobook Review

By Rose H.

I received this audiobook courtesy of Christian Audio for the purpose of writing a review.

Narrator Thoughts - Not much to say one way or another. He did have a good voice and put some good emphasis into the words, but it wasn't amazing.

Book Thoughts - When I saw this book come up on my list that I could review I jumped at the chance. A few months ago I saw Jeremy Camp in concert and was impressed by his humility and his honesty. So when this book came up I was so excited to read more about his life. His journey hasn't been easy, but through it all God has brought him to a place where he can say, I still believe in God.
One of the things I liked about the book was his honesty. About his struggles, his roots, and his anger. In todays world we aren't comfortable when people raise questions or struggle. For Jeremy it was just one step on the journey. He worked through the struggles and questions. I appreciated that  he didn't make light of his anger, but looked at it as something to wrestle though with God.
Overall, I found the book enjoyable and thought-provoking.

To buy this and other audio visit or

Friday, March 15, 2013

Living It! #2

By Rose H.

Last year between co-op, filmmaking, family things, and ASL class. I feel like I didn't have much time for ministry work. Certainly not as much as I wanted to do. This year I made it one of my goals.

#2 Monthly Ministries

By choosing a ministry to work on each month, I feel like I have some focus and purpose. I can put my resources and extra time to good use. Besides I enjoy making things with my hands.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Living It! #1

By Rose H.

This year MOHL and it's writers are centered on living out our faith not just writing about it.

For me this goal is personal. For months I felt like had been urging me to step out, take a chance and do something new to help others. It's coming in several different forms. This month I want to share with you some of the different ways God has been helping me to live out my faith.

#1 Serving Family

One of the things that I wanted to do is make sure that I serve my family, even as my life gets busier. It seems like we are all getting busier with different and amazing activities. But I wanted to make sure that I'm still taking time to contribute to our family. So this year, I've been trying to do little things daily to help my family.

Things like ... Cleaning up after I cook something, help siblings with work, make more sweets (always a winner), and encouraging and praying for them.

My hope for the the rest of this year is that I can encourage and bless my family.

Friday, March 1, 2013

February Update

Sorry to get this out late. I was at the hospital volunteering all day yesterday, so I didn't have time to type this up.

This month, I've been making little baby gowns for the preemie babies at St. David's hospital. I think of all the things I make, I like making these the best. They are so small and beautiful.

This month I made five gowns, one hat, and one blanket. Aren't they precious?

Ministry Of The Month

Is it March already? Goodness, times does fly.

But this month eager to jump into another ministry project. This month I chose Contagious Hope. This ministry provides warmth and comfort for orphans and the hurting.

This month I want to make some scarves for them. They're easy, fun, and beautiful.

See you at the end of this month for an update.