Project Linus

Linus from the Peanuts comic strip, who always carried around a blanky. It was his security blanket. He never let it out of his sight.

Now Project Linus wants to give kids in troubled situations the same thing – a security blanket. They take quilted, knitted, or crocheted afghans and give them to kids in troubled situations. Some of the kids have been picked up by the police; some of them have been taken in by CPS; and some of them are kids in hospitals.

This was the first charity that I ever gave a homemade item to. I met two ladies at our library that made blankets for the central Texas branch of Project Linus. After talking with them, I decided to make some blankets. I don’t know how many I’ve made for them, but I enjoy making them and giving them away.

This is a great charity with chapters (branches) in every state. Whether you crochet, knit, sew, or quilt you can help make a child’s day just a little brighter.

Name: Project Linus


In Need Of: Knitted, crocheted, quilted, or sewn blankets.

The Hat Box Foundation

The Hat Box Foundation distributes handmade caps and hats for cancer and hospital patients. This is a great idea if you would like something easy to do, but it’s also a great way to help.

Name: The Hat Box Foundation


In Need Of: Caps and hats.

Afghans For Angels

Afghans For Angels is a ministry that provides baby blankets to families who have lost a baby. By providing a blanket the baby can be wrapped in homemade love before the parents say good-bye.

Name: Afghans For Angels


In Need Of: Crocheted, knitted, quilted, or decorated baby blankets.

Gifts For The Unborn

Gifts For The Unborn provides mothers in crisis pregnancies with a care package. The care package includes some gifts that they hope will be helpful, like newborn infant's picture frame, a baby washcloth, bib, soap, lotion or shampoo, and a pair of baby booties or socks.

Their hope is that by giving these gifts to the mother-to-be that she will choose to keep the baby.

Name: Gifts For The Unborn


In Need Of: Baby booties or baby socks.

Mother Bear Project

The Mother Bear project takes knitted bears and gives them to people who have been affected by AIDS mainly in Africa. These knitted bears brighten their day and give them a tangible reminder that someone cares, even if they lives half a world away.

Name: Mother Bear Project


In Need Of: Knitted teddy bears

Little Dresses For Africa

Here is a ministry for all you sewers out there. I heard about this non-profit organization on a TV sewing show. It sounds really neat. You make dresses out of old pillow cases and then send them to poor African children. This is a simple project, but it makes a big difference.

Name: Little Dresses For Africa

In Need Of: Dresses


Binky Patrol

Binky Patrol is a volunteer charity group that gives blankets away to children in hospitals, ill children, abused children and others
Whereas Linus connection focuses on kids in troubled situations, Binky patrol focuses on kids in the hospital. Speaking from experience, kids in the hospital love gifts that keep them warm.

Name: Binky Patrol


In Need Of: Handmade blankets.

Angels For Hope

All of us get down. All of us need to be cheered up every once in a while.
That’s what Angels For Hope wants to do. They want to help people cheer up. Through small crocheted angels, butterflies, smiley faces, and cards they try to make a person’s day a little brighter.
It’s a wonderful small project, but one that can make a big difference.

Name: Angels For Hope


In Need Of: Small angels, butterflies, or smiley faces.

Wrap Them In Love

I have a ministry for the quilters among you.
Now you can make blankets for children all over the world. With the help of Wrap Them In Love you can make a quilt for a child who needs to be wrapped in love.
You can give a child the gift of warmth and love. So let’s stitch up a storm and warp some kids with a quit and love.

Name: Wrap Them In Love


In Need Of: Quilts.

Operation Sleeping Bag

Okay we’ve all looked down our noses at them. The shaggy looking guy at a stoplight. The woman sleeping under the bridge. Homeless people.
We sniff indigently and think up all kinds of things that they could do to get off the street. But does that really help. The person can’t hear your thoughts.
But try to think of them especially on these cold winter nights. Alone. Cold. Hungry. Many of them lack a way to stay warm.
That’s where you can help through The Sleeping Bag Project. You make blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags for the homeless. You get to give them a warm reminder that someone cares.
The one thing I really love about this one is it’s a Christian charity. It’s all done in Christ’s name.

Name: The Sleeping Bag Project


In Need Of: Sleeping bags, quilts, and blankets.

Operation Quiet Comfort

Thousands of miles from home, our military fight for our freedom. When they become wounded it will often take weeks for care packages to get to where they are from home.
That’s where Operation Quiet Comfort comes in.  They are already on the scene with care packages sent out by people just like you. Filled with things to bring comfort like blankets, personal care items, and entertainment items to make their time the military hospital as comfortable as possible.
It’s a great way to help those who are hurting.

Name: Operation Quiet Comfort

In Need of: Quilts, knitted items, and personal care items

Threads of Love

There are other charities that help preemie babies, but the first thing that I noticed about Threads of Love was that they are unapologetically Christian. Verses and prayers cover the site. It’s beautiful.
You can be rest assured that when you donate to them, they will give it with prayers and love.
Not only do they give to preemie babies, but they also provide gowns for babies that don’t live. On their website you will find patterns for sewing these little gowns. Although some people may find this sad, I love to think of the mothers that would have nothing else to bury for their child in otherwise. I would love to have something so beautiful.
This is a wonderful charity that is great for people who sew, knit, or crochet.

Name: Threads Of Love

In Need Of: Sewn burial gowns, preemie baby blankets, hats, and gowns. Check website for full list.  

Contagious Hope

This ministry focuses on helping those all over the world who have never been touched with the love of God. Through food, clothing, handmade items, and small gifts they show the love of God to many.

Name: Contagious Hope

In Need of: Handmade gifts, hats, scarfs, blankets, mittens, and prayers shawls. 

Christmas At Sea

We have hundreds of military personnel serving on ships far from home. Christmas At Sea, seeks to make their lives just a little more comfortable. Through handmade hats, socks, and other items, they give them a little bit of hope and encouragement.

Name: Christmas At Sea

In Need Of: Knitted hats, socks, and other items (see website for full list)

Warm Forever

Losing a newborn is a hard experience. Bringing comfort is hard, but not impossible. Through Warm Forever, you can provide parents with a beautiful blanket to wrap their child in. This can be a great comfort to parents who are facing loss.

Name: Warm Forever

In Need Of: Handmade baby blankets  

Create Care Global


Many children in Africa that have aids are abandoned. These orphans face life alone out on the streets without food or shelter. That’s where KasCare comes in. They make and collect handmade blankets, hats and other clothing items to give to these orphans. When you have nothing, a handmade blanket can mean the world to you.

Name: KasCare

In Need Of: Blankets and Hats.    

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