Friday, February 22, 2013

Small Action Stories 3

Anonymous gifts. Have you ever gotten one? You are going about your day and a package shows up with your name on it. No return name or address.

I know that my family has been on the receiving end of several of these gifts. They have ranged from gift cards, money (when we needed it most), a saddle, and a car (I kid you not). All these have been totally God things. The timing, the gift, and the amount, have always been perfect. It must be a God thing.

We have all probably heard stories about anonymous gifts. These are always fun stories to share and to be a part of.

But today I want to challenge you to go beyond hearing about these stories. Do something anonymously for a friend or a stranger that God places on your heart. Give something to someone who needs it.

You would be surprised how much it means to the person who receives the gift.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Audiobook Review: Making All Things New

By Rose H.

I received this audiobook for the purpose of doing a review.

Narrator Thoughts - He is very passionate and speaks clearly. I've  always prefered author read books. The only thing I didn't like was that from time to time you can hear pages turning. It's not very loud, but just enough that you can tell.

Book Thoughts - At the beginning of the book I thought, "This is going to be a great book." The opening chapter was about God's dream to draw us to Himself. That part I liked.
As the book went on however, I became disappointed. He talked a lot about judgement and the torture of those who don't follow God. While I understand that this is a very real reality, I felt like he camped there for too long.
I liked his thoughts that God is going to make everything new and that one day all the pain and suffering that we see in the world today will be made right. But I disagree with him about how God will bring that about.
Overall it was an okay book, but I thought he spent too much time on judgement and some of the forms of sin that exist in our world today. But he did have some good points though.

Small Action Stories 2

Last year I found an article from a 2006 edition of Guideposts. In this article a woman shared how she began to knit for charity 10 years earlier. She did originally to help recover from some grief, but soon she grew to enjoy the knitting. She started to get together and knit sweaters for charity. As they worked together and knit, they were all encouraged.

Soon others joined in, not only in their town, but all across the USA. In ten years 300,000 sweaters had been made and given to charities all over the world. Because one woman started to knit with friends, 300,000 sweaters got to kids who needed them.

Is there something that you do with friends? Volunteer together at a food pantry? Make blankets for charity? Whatever it is, know that you are contributing to making the world a better place. Small actions done together make for even greater impact. Keep it up.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Small Action Stories 1

Our actions make a difference.

This is the thought that stuck with me after listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater version of Les Miserables. As I listened to this dramatic tale unfold, I was struck by the love and grace of the story. Because of the kind act of one poor priest, a man was changed. And because a man changed, many others were loved and changed for the better.

Never think that your actions are too small to make a difference. Your actions may seem small, but they create a ripple effect that spreads to all those around you. These acts show God's love and care.

Whether it's holding a door open for someone, talking kindly to an elderly woman, encouraging a little boy to do better, or cleaning something without being asked your actions make a difference. They give others the courage to go on, to keep up the good fight, to change. Keep going. Keep giving. Keep Loving.

Your actions (however small you may perceive them) make a difference.