Friday, April 29, 2011

The Silent Comforter

You don’t have to know all the right words
You don’t have to memorize all the right verses
You don’t even need to read a book
All you need to be a good comforter is to listen
A good comforter has a touch that says, “You’re not alone”
A good comforter hugs that assures you the storm will not be forever.
A good comforter loves always.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Relaxed Tools

The brush, the pin, and the needle.
All these can be used to tell a story.
One can paint a masterpiece to be admired,
One can write a tale that holds readers in awe,
Or stitch thread to make a picture.
On their own these things can do nothing,
But when they are surrendered to the hands of the Master,
They can be used to make beautiful things.
So it is with us.
We can never write a story like God can,
We can never paint a picture like He can,
We can never guide the thread as masterfully as God can.
But if we surrender ourselves to the Master,
He will do wonders with us.
What are His words to us in this process?
He leans over and before He picks us up He says,
“Just relax.”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Thanked

In February I went in to give some preemie baby blankets to my local NICU.
We walked into the waiting room to get to the nurses’ station. While we were there we met a woman who had twins in the NICU.
“Are those for the babies?” She asked looking at the blankets.
I nodded.
“That’s so great.” She responded. “I have twins in there. I never see the twins without the handmade blankets. They always look so sweet. Thank you so much.”
I was glowing by time we left.
I posted awhile back that I don’t get thanked very often. I give things away to others and many times don’t get to see the fruit of my labor.
But that afternoon, God allowed me to see the fruit. He allowed me to be thanked. It made a big difference.    

Friday, April 8, 2011

Secret Sisters

            Secret sisters. I had heard about it. I knew how it worked, but I hadn’t participated in one until last year.
One of the things that our co-op did as part of co-op was Secret Sisters. It was really fun. I got to write cards and make small gifts.
Secret Sisters is a fun way to encourage and bless others. But it doesn’t just have to happen at church or even in a group. You can be a Secret Sister today.
Why not choose one girl who needs encouragement and start sending her letters and gifts. Pray for her, look out for her, and let her know that someone cares.
You never know. You might start something big.   

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Surprises

Over the years I’ve known many moms who have had new kids. A new baby is always such a sweet thing. There’s such excitement and anticipation that comes with having a new child. No matter if it’s number 1 or 8, each child is a blessing.
I like doing something special for new moms. While having babies is a joy, it can also be a little stressful making sure that everything gets ready for the baby.
Here are some things that you can do for the new mothers in your life.
1.       Make them a baby blanket.
2.       Put together a new mother basket. Put in things like bath salts, tea, lotions, candles, and other things to help her to relax.
3.       Make them a baby bonnet.  They can use it for the baby’s dedication day.
4.       Offer to go over and clean house. This can be really helpful for mothers who have little kids. Cleaning house and watching kids can be a great blessing.
5.        Make them meals after the birth. While they are recovering, the meals are taken care of.