Friday, October 26, 2012

Rose's Idea's Part 3

Ministry To Elderly People

One of the things that this generation takes for granted is its older generation. We visit grandparents, but many times we miss out on other elderly people in our world.
I have an elderly neighbor that I work for once a week. She tells me stories and has things from all over the world in her house. I consider her a friend.
What about you? Do you want to get involved in an elderly persons life?
There are so many ways that we can help them, but here are a few to help you get started.

Make a meal for an elderly couple once a week.

Volunteer at a nursing home.

Take some cards or other handmade gifts to them.

Offer to clean their house once a week.

Volunteer with a shut-ins program.

Make some time to talk to them (this can be the most important one).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wrecked: Audiobook Review

I recieved this Audiobook curtesy of ChristianAudio for the purpose of doing a review.

Narrator Thoughts - Since the author narrated the book, it added a great demention to the book. You are pulled into the heart of the message through his voice. I really enjoyed having the authors emphosis in th reading of this book.

Book Thoughts - This was one of the best books I have read on putting compassion into action. Through stories and personal experiences the author encourages his readers to grow up and take on the challenges that God wants you to take.

The author was so clear and challenging that I was revivited to the message throughout the entire book. I was encuraged to take some risks for God, but also be willing to setle down if that was what God wanted.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with what to do with their life or having a hard time making a risky choice.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rose's Idea's Part 2

Baking Ministry

If you’re not good at crafts, but love to hang out in the kitchen, here’s an idea for you. When a mother has a baby in your church, make her a meal. If a new family moves into your neighborhood, you could welcome them with a plate of cookies. Or when someone gets sick, you could take him or her some soup.
There are so many ways that this idea can be applied, but find one that you like and do it. Trust me there is never a lack of people who like homemade food. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rose's Idea's Part 1

Birthday Presents

Everyone likes it when people remember their birthday. It’s fun to have someone say, “Happy birthday!” or for somebody to send them a present. We expect that family members will remember our birthday, but isn’t it fun when somebody outside your family remembers your birthday?

I don’t know where I got the idea, but about five years ago I started keeping track of people’s birthdays. When someone’s birthday would roll around, I would prepare a small gift and a card. Normally I would write something along the lines of “Happy Birthday. May God bless you. Rose.”

As for the gifts, I just bought things at thrift stores or I made little things.

You would have been surprised. Sometimes when I gave people presents, you would think that they hadn’t ever gotten a present in their lives. They were thrilled.

This is fun and easy way to bless people. I guarantee you, if you ask people their birthday, they’re not going to hit you over the head. People love to know that someone cares and remembers little things like birthdays.

I Love Yarn Day!

Okay, normally I don't get into these small holidays. But I liked this one.

Today is I Love Yarn Day! It's a day to celebrate crafting.

How about we making it a charity day? What about setting aside some time today and making some things for charity? Make a hat for the hat Box Foundation. Make a preemie gown for Faith Hope and Charity Stitches. Or why not volunteer your time. 

If you would like more ideas for how to celebrate I Love Yarn Day, go to

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ministry (or lack there of)

What do you do when you haven’t been doing a lot of ministry things? When you’re a ministry blogger, I guess that I should be doing more for charities and such. But lately I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been mainly making films and spending time with family. Making things for charity has dropped down on my list. 

It’s not that I don’t want to make things for charity anymore, it’s that I haven’t been making time for these things. I’ve been too busy. 

As I sat down to write a batch of blog posts, I felt bad that I didn’t have more to tell you. That I couldn’t show you what I had made, or tell you about something I did. But as I sit here writing, I couldn’t come up with anything to tell you about. 

Yet there’s one thing I can say, there are seasons when we are more productive than others. There are times when we will have fruitful seasons of ministry. And no matter what stage were in, God is right there with us. He will show us what we are supposed to do and where we are supposed to go. 

So I may not set a record for the most items made for charity, but I’ll focus on what God has given me to do today and see where that takes me.