Monday, June 1, 2015

Nobody's Cuter Than You: Audiobook Review

I received this book courtesy of Christian Audio for the purpose of writing a review.

Narrator Thoughts ~ I always like author read books. They add so much more to the book than anyone else could. Melanie has a nice clear voice with a beautiful southern draw. Living through these events, she is able to add a special tone to this reading. It was a good listen. 

Book Thoughts ~ Friendship is one of the things that is near and dear to my heart. 
I enjoyed hearing her stories and advice about friendship. It is so important to cultivate deep lifelong friendships. Her humorous and heartfelt storytelling drove this home. Her ending advice in the appendixes was very good. 
One thing that I didn't like was how hard she was on social media. I understand that it can become a substitute for the real thing. I understand that many people don't cultivate deep real friendships anymore. However I also have used Facebook to connect and stay in touch with many friends that I never would be able to. I think it's wrong to assume that social media is a killer of all friendships. It is a tool. You can use it for harm or good. I choose to use it for good. 
She does tell many heartwarming stories about her friends. However I would have like to have heard more about her salvation story. How it impacted the friendships in her life. How God moved the hearts of her friends. 
Despite some of the things that we might disagree on personally, Melanie is a good storyteller and a good speaker. She helps you to remember those good childhood friends, your daring high school friends, and the beauty of the friends that you have made now that you are an adult. This book did remind me of the great gifts I have in my circle of friends. 

You can get this book on Amazon and Christian Audio.