Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Happens When Women Say Yes To God: An Audiobook Review

By Rose H.

Narrator Thoughts – I thought this woman did a wonderful job of bringing this book to life. With a good mix of emotion and clarity she read this book and put her heart into it. I thoroughly enjoyed her.

Book Thoughts – I was so excited when this book came up for review. A few months ago I read Unglued and was so encouraged by it.
This book was also so encouraging. I love how real Lysa is and how much she opens her heart. She’s so real and I’m encouraged by that. This book made me feel like Lysa came alongside me and encouraged me.
With stories, quotes, and verses this book blends together in a beautiful story of surrender to Christ. When we say yes to His leadings, great things happen. All that He has becomes ours and all that we are becomes His. I enjoyed her encouragement to test the thoughts that come to us. Many times I want to run ahead and do whatever I feel, but God does call me to see what His plan is. I’m thankful for people like Lysa to be real with us and encourage us to say Yes to God.

And I love the cover. It’s so pretty.   

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