Friday, August 28, 2015

Seeing In The Dark: Audiobook Review

I recieved this book courtesy of Christian Audio for the purpose of writing a review.

Narrator Thoughts: While not an author read book, I thought that this author did a very good job of reading this book. Her voice is very pleasent. Like a happy grandmother reading a book to you. 

Book Thoughts: Frist I want to say that I didn't finish this book. I listened to the first three chapters. 
I  thought that Nancy made some good points and was encouraging. As I continued to read the book I found myself agreeing with her on most points. 
Still I felt like the book lacked good structure. I felt like she would begin a thought and then get sidetracked with another point. Like I said they were good points, but I felt like it wasn't organized well. 
Overall I think that the style of the book was not one that speaks to me. I wasn't finidng it worth continuing, but maybe that was just me.

You can buy this on Christian Audio or Amazon. 

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