Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Idea’s Part 4

Photo Credit Mikayla H. 

By Rose H.

Christmas is over. It’s sad isn’t it? We enjoy the holidays so much and then all too soon they’re over.
Now as we look forward to the New Year. A new beginning. A time to make new goals, to plan new projects, to dream new dreams.

So let’s get going. Put on your thinking caps. Let’s figure out what we are going to do this year.
As you plan, here’s a few things to remember.

1.       Remember the bigger picture. Remember the reasons you do what you do. Make your plans based on that.

2.       Keep things simple. Don’t try to bit off more than you can chew. Make some simple and easy goals.

3.       Pray about your goals.

4.       Ask friends to join in. Having encouragement and support is always a great idea to ensure that you see your goals through to the finish.

5.       Enjoy the process of making new goals.

6.       As always, keep an open mind. Maybe try something that you have never tried before. Just live out the calling that God has called you to.     

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