Friday, June 17, 2011

A Journey In Acting Part 3

Note: I have often written on how God can use many various talents. This is the story of how God used some of my dreams, talents, and desires for His glory. I hope you are blesses and encouraged by reading my story. Originally Published On Virtuous Girlhood.  

All of 2010 I sensed that God was preparing me for something. I thought that that would be acting, but by late summer I had decide that acting was going to be one of those dreams that wasn’t going to be fulfilled.
Then one day a homeschooling mom from a local homeschool co-op calls and asks me if I want to teach a homemaking class at co-op. I prayed and asked God. The idea was a little scary. I had never done solo teaching. Yet after much prayer and a few talks with my family, I decided to teach the class.
I had hoped that maybe the co-op would have some kind of drama class, but they had none. Giving up on ever being able to act, I settled for teaching homemaking and crocheting. To fill up the rest of my day I took Bible study and dance classes.
To my surprise, teaching was easier than I thought. My students were wonderful and I enjoyed teaching and being taught.
I developed friendships with my teachers, especially my dance teacher. After class was over we would sit and talk for a few minutes about life and our common interests.
One day my dance teacher asked to see the script. We had talked about my play a few weeks earlier we had talked about my play briefly. She said that they were thinking about doing a play and wanted to see mine. I was glad, but not excited. I had had so many disappointments that year in regard to plays that I thought that she wouldn’t like my play and that it would all come to nothing.
I was completely floored when she returned saying that she not only loved the play, she had asked my Bible study teacher to direct it. By this point we were talking about auditions, a spring production of my play, and other details.
I was getting excited, but I kept myself in check. I kept preparing myself for everything to fall through. Could this really happen? Could my dream for a play really be coming true? Could God really be bringing all the pieces together? I had to breathe.
Barely had I taken a breath when they told me that I was going to be the lead in the play. I could hardly believe it. By this time I was getting really excited. Try as I might to pace myself, I was getting more and more thrilled.
I began learning my lines, but I could hardly believe that I was really in a play.
It really didn’t sink in until the first practice.

To Be Continued …

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