Friday, June 10, 2011

A Journey In Acting Part 2

Note: I have often written on how God can use many various talents. This is the story of how God used some of my dreams, talents, and desires for His glory. My prayer is that you will be encouraged through this story. Originally Published On Virtuous Girlhood.  

I sat in front of my computer, praying.
I had come home from the play excited. I had begun to write a script. Could it be that God was providing a way for me to learn to write plays?
I wrote an e-mail asking this director if he would help me learn how to write plays. Hitting the send button with a shaky finger I prayed that God would help me to accept whatever answer he gave.
If I remember correctly the next day he sent me a reply saying that he would love to teach me how to write plays. I was floored. I began to write furiously.
The next seven months were a writing lesson. I would send him a rough draft of the play; he would send it back to me with suggestions and thoughts on how to make it better. I would edit and make it better and send it to him. And the process would begin over again. It was like having a private writing tutor. It was hard and exciting all at same time.
Finally the play was worked over as much as it could be. I had learned how to write plays! Yet my heart wanted something more. I still had a great desire to act, but I nothing seemed to be open.
After writing that first play I went on to write a screenplay. It wasn’t very good, but it furthered my writing skills and helped me become a better playwright.
At the beginning of 2010 I decided that I wanted to be involved in a drama group. I prayed, asked, and researched. Nothing. I kept looking for a drama group in my area. Every lead led to a dead end. I became discouraged. I gave up on the idea for a while.
Then in April I attended another play. This was a musical adaption of Pilgrims Progress. For a girl who loves singing and acting it doesn’t get much better than that. I went home inspired.
                The next day, I went out for a long talk with God. “Lord, I really want to act. I feel like you given me the desire for acting, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it.” And I heard God tell me. “Your dream will be fulfilled this year.” I told God that if this was His word that He would fulfill it.
                I began to write another play. This one was an adaption of Hinds Feet On High Places. I was happy to be writing it, yet I was disheartened by the fact that no acting group was coming along. Over the summer I finished the script, but I didn’t know what God was going to do with it.
                I had prayed and done all I could. Nothing was happening. I must have heard God wrong. My acting dream was fading. I would never be able to act.
                Or would I?

                To Be Continued …

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