Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talents and How to Use Them Part 5

Encouragement. We all need it. Many times we get tired and discouraged. We take our eyes off our Savior.

That’s were encouragers come in. They are people who lift us up. They are people who build us up. They are people who point us back to the One who made us. They are people who spur us on to love and good works.

Do you have a heart to encourage people like that? If you do, I feel that this is one of the best gifts that you can have. I know that for me, encouragers are some of the most important people in my life.

Yet how do you use this gift? There are so many ways, some of which we’ve already talked about.

The biggest way you can encourage others is to offer them friendship. When you give someone the gift of true and honest friendship, it gives you the power to bless and encourage them.

Another idea is to start a small group that meets at your house. You can just get together and talk or you can do a Bible study, but in whatever you choose to do it gives you a great chance to encourage others. Or if you don’t feel comfortable starting something, join a group where you can feel comfortable.

Take a younger sister in Christ under your wing for a year and write her letters on a regular basis.

Live it out. Make encouragement a lifestyle that you live by. Wherever you go and in whatever you do, let you light shine. God is with you.

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