Monday, October 4, 2010

Talents and How to Use Them Part 6

            Time is the most precious thing we have. It’s one of the things that can never be bought back or wished back. It’s a great gift.
            Your time is valuable and precious and there are many ways that you can use it for God. Giving of our time and energy can make a difference in our homes, our cities, and our world. Never discount the value of simply shining God’s light. Even if you are just sitting in a back room of a charity office, doing seemingly meaningless things. No matter what you do, ask God to bless it and He will. Remember you carry God with you wherever you go.
            Having said that here’s a few ideas for how you could spend a few hours of you time.
            Volunteer to go visit some sick patients in the hospital. Hospitals can be very lonely places. My little sister spent a month in ICU when she was three. We were so blessed by the people who took time to come visit. It made all the difference in the world to have brothers and sisters in Christ come and encourage us.
            Volunteer at a local food pantry or soup kitchen.
            Offer to coordinate a church party or a fun day out for your church. Sometimes all people need is a little help getting started.
            Numerous charities and ministries need volunteers who are willing to address envelopes, sort through donations, or run errands. Just look around there are plenty out there that need help.
            I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Just look around. Keep your eyes open and pray for opportunities to open up. You’ll be amazed to see what does come along.
            Finally let God lead you. Let im show you whatHim show you whaLHimhhhhhhhchdtytfgtdggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggnhkkkkkkkkkHim guide you into what He has planned. Remember this dear sister, as He leads, He always provides strength and peace.   

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