Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talents and How to Use Them Part 3

Singing. I love to sing. You can often find me listening and singing along with some Christian music.

The great thing is singing is one of those gifts that have so many different ways to use it for God, but here are a few thoughts.

Think about singing a special song at your church. This can be a great way to bless your brothers and sisters in Christ. You never know who may need encouragement that day.

Offer to sing at a nursing home. Elderly people rarely have visitors. It’s a great blessing to them when people take time to visit them.

Many times this is one of those gifts that you end up using simply by having it. When you use it to the best of your ability people will start to take notice and ask you to sing. Sometimes all we have to do is make ourselves available. You never know what God will bring along.

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