Friday, February 22, 2013

Small Action Stories 3

Anonymous gifts. Have you ever gotten one? You are going about your day and a package shows up with your name on it. No return name or address.

I know that my family has been on the receiving end of several of these gifts. They have ranged from gift cards, money (when we needed it most), a saddle, and a car (I kid you not). All these have been totally God things. The timing, the gift, and the amount, have always been perfect. It must be a God thing.

We have all probably heard stories about anonymous gifts. These are always fun stories to share and to be a part of.

But today I want to challenge you to go beyond hearing about these stories. Do something anonymously for a friend or a stranger that God places on your heart. Give something to someone who needs it.

You would be surprised how much it means to the person who receives the gift.

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