Friday, February 8, 2013

Small Action Stories 1

Our actions make a difference.

This is the thought that stuck with me after listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater version of Les Miserables. As I listened to this dramatic tale unfold, I was struck by the love and grace of the story. Because of the kind act of one poor priest, a man was changed. And because a man changed, many others were loved and changed for the better.

Never think that your actions are too small to make a difference. Your actions may seem small, but they create a ripple effect that spreads to all those around you. These acts show God's love and care.

Whether it's holding a door open for someone, talking kindly to an elderly woman, encouraging a little boy to do better, or cleaning something without being asked your actions make a difference. They give others the courage to go on, to keep up the good fight, to change. Keep going. Keep giving. Keep Loving.

Your actions (however small you may perceive them) make a difference.

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