Friday, October 12, 2012

Rose's Idea's Part 1

Birthday Presents

Everyone likes it when people remember their birthday. It’s fun to have someone say, “Happy birthday!” or for somebody to send them a present. We expect that family members will remember our birthday, but isn’t it fun when somebody outside your family remembers your birthday?

I don’t know where I got the idea, but about five years ago I started keeping track of people’s birthdays. When someone’s birthday would roll around, I would prepare a small gift and a card. Normally I would write something along the lines of “Happy Birthday. May God bless you. Rose.”

As for the gifts, I just bought things at thrift stores or I made little things.

You would have been surprised. Sometimes when I gave people presents, you would think that they hadn’t ever gotten a present in their lives. They were thrilled.

This is fun and easy way to bless people. I guarantee you, if you ask people their birthday, they’re not going to hit you over the head. People love to know that someone cares and remembers little things like birthdays.

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