Friday, August 12, 2011

A Month of Poems : Stepping Stones To God

Steppingstones to God
An aching heart is but a steppingstone
To greater joy than you have ever known,
For things that cause the heart to ache
Until you think that it must break
Become strength by which we climb
To higher heights that are sublime
And feel the radiance of God’s smiles
When we have soared above life’s trials.
So when you’re overwhelmed with fears
And all your hopes are drenched in tears,
Think not that life has been unfair
And given you too much to bear,
For God has chosen you because,
With all your weakness and flaws,
He feels that you are worthy of
The greatness of His wondrous love.

Helen Seiner Rice
A Book Of Courage
Revell Publishing Company

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