Saturday, August 27, 2011

20 Things For My Birthday

            I used this idea from Rachelle's blog for my birthday. Today I turn 20! Thank you, Rachelle! So here we go …
            20 things that I have done ... 

1.        Accepted Christ into my life and let Him take me on an incredible journey of faith and love.
2.       Graduated from homeschool at the top of the class for that year (Actually I was the only one in my graduating class that year).
3.       Taught at a homeschool co-op from 6 months, and a once a month sewing and Bible class with my sister for five years.
4.       Went to Sea World San Antonio, D. C. , the Rookies, Lancaster County, Valley Forge, and traveled a lot in Texas.
5.       Was the in a play! (I love this. I got to act (a big dream of mine) and wear one of those flowing medieval dresses. *sigh* Loved it!)
6.       Had articles published on Meditations of His Love, Virtuous Girlhood, Priceless Jewels, and in countless magazines.
7.       Written four plays and screenplays.
8.       Sang in front of church, in small groups, in a play, and at a small Christian festival.
9.       Made a cross stitched calendar, six cross stitched nativity sets for my mom, hundreds of gifts and small things.
10.   Given away over a hundred crocheted items to charity and friends.
11.   Learned how to make cards and scrapbook.
12.   Volunteered at a local thrift store.
13.   I got to see Natalie Grant and Matthew West in concert.
14.   Learned to sew. It’s still not one of my favorite things, but I know how to do it.
15.   Read through the encyclopedia set, and listen to or read over 300 books.
16.   Became a baker (it was the best hobby I took up).
17.   Learned ASL.
18.   Worked as a cleaning lady for some dear elderly Christian couples. It’s been such a wonderful way to get to know them and serve them.
19.   Started this blog to help girls find ministries and encouragement.
20.   Survived 20 years through my own antics and through my families teasing me about them.

Wow. That sounds like a lot. Now what do I want to accomplish in the next 20 years?

1.       I want to take a trip to the Grand Canyon, Hallstat Austria, and trips to meet my blogging friends.
2.       Hopefully God will bring along Mr. Right, and … you know!
3.       Make one nativity every year for my mom for Christmas. As well as continue to make things for charity.
4.       Continue to write for the blogs that I currently write for and see about getting published in some magazines.
5.       Continue to teach. It’s something that I like doing and I hope and pray that I can continue to teach other girl some of what God has taught me.
6.       Write down the plays and screenplays that I have in my head.
7.       Make a quilt for my bed.
8.       Go on a mission trip with my family.
9.       Mentor other girls and grow lasting friendships with the wonderful friends that God has given to me.
10.   Learn to sing better.
11.   Keep a journal.
12.   Learn to sew better.
13.   Minister to the elderly.
14.   Make a crocheted blanket that has cross stitching on it.
15.   Learn more about gardening, baking, history, and nature.
16.   Form closer friendships with my family.
17.   Read another 200 books.
18.   Be content wherever I am.
19.   See what else God has in store for me.
20.   Become closer to my Savior.  


  1. What nice lists! :D

    I pray you are having a delightful and splendid birthday Rose! Happy, happy birthday to you my dear sweet friend! :D I pray that God will bless many more adventures this next year in ways that you can continue to serve and honor Him. :) And I pray that He will grant you the desires of your heart.

    Love and Hugs to you!

  2. Thank you so much Rachel and Sarah. God has been doing some amazing things in my life. I thank God for dear and wonderful friends like you. My heart is so fun with love and thankfulness for giving me friends that love me and give so much to me. Love and Hugs, Rose

  3. Happy Birthday Rose!

    I love you girl! You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me. You are one of the most encouraging people that I know.

    I am praying that in your next twenty years you will accomplish so much more and have more adventures!

    Keep touching our hearts and blessing us! We love you girl!


    P.S. You thought up two wonderful lists! ;)

  4. Thank You, RJ. God has been so good to bring you into my life. I'm glad that we have become friends. God bless and keep you. Rose