Friday, April 22, 2011

Relaxed Tools

The brush, the pin, and the needle.
All these can be used to tell a story.
One can paint a masterpiece to be admired,
One can write a tale that holds readers in awe,
Or stitch thread to make a picture.
On their own these things can do nothing,
But when they are surrendered to the hands of the Master,
They can be used to make beautiful things.
So it is with us.
We can never write a story like God can,
We can never paint a picture like He can,
We can never guide the thread as masterfully as God can.
But if we surrender ourselves to the Master,
He will do wonders with us.
What are His words to us in this process?
He leans over and before He picks us up He says,
“Just relax.”

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