Saturday, July 31, 2010

Help! My Best Friend Is Getting Married!

        My best friend announced last Sunday that she is getting married.
        So one of the next things that jumps to my mind is what am I going to give her for her bridal shower and wedding.
         If your anything like me you want to give her something unique and special. But aren’t sure what to do. After some thinking I came up with a few things that I thought I might share with you.
         I guess this does depend on the person. But here are few ideas.

Make them a cross stitched poem for their house.

Write a special letter to the bride about what a wonderful friend she has been. Then frame it as a keepsake.

Make a centerpiece for their new table. Think about using things like fake flowers or little figurines, so that they can keep it for years to come.

Give them a cookbook with some of you favorite recipes in it.

Or if you want to be more practical, give them new couple a kitchen starter package. Include things like sponges, a trashcan, dishwashing soap, ect.

Do have any ideas?

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