Saturday, January 19, 2013

Your Great Name: Audiobook Review

By Rose H.

I received this audiobook for the purpose of a review.

Narrator Thoughts - I have always prefer read-by-the-author books. It adds so much to the words if the author can put his or her own emphasis into the book. This author/narrator has a rich voice that made the audio pleasant to listen to. I enjoyed it very much.

Book Thoughts - In each of these all too short chapters, Michael describes a name of God and how it applies to our lives. I found his collection of names encouraging and uplifting. As I thought on the names of God, I was drawn by the love and greatness of my God. He is great and mighty, loving and forgiving, merciful and compassionate.
Complete with quotes and thoughts from other authors and teachers, the names of God in Jewish, and personal stories from the author, makes this book a wonderful reference or short devotional. This book is one of the best I have read on the names of God.

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