Friday, June 15, 2012

Attitudes to Cultivate: Gentleness

By Rose H.

Gentle. Tender touch. Calm demeanor. Kind in action. The Bible says that we are to have a gentle spirit. But sometimes it feels like there is this great gap between what we want to be and what we are.
It does take a journey to get there. It also takes a God that is able to overcome all of the obstacles that stand in our way. Thankfully God gives us plenty of time for the journey and He helps us to become gentle and humble.
Gentleness starts on the inside. When God come in He changes the way you react to things and people. He makes your responses calm and gentle.

There are also other things that you can do to cultivate a gentle heart. Listening to a lot of rocky music can hype you up. Lessen how much you listen to it. Listen to things that still your soul and draw you closer to God. Another thing that you can do if you have trouble with handling things (or people) roughly, try handling everything that you touch as if it is brittle. Handle things carefully as if you are handling a priceless treasure. This exercise will help you to start you out handling things gently.
Ultimately there isn’t any one thing that you can do to cultivate a gentle spirit. However I pray that this article gets you started in the right direction.   


  1. Beautiful post Rose! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on's something I actually have had to work hard on over the years. You may not think so to know me now but I was quite a rough little lady at one time. ;) Hehe. God is so good to be ever changing our hearts and drawing us closer to Him.

    I shall have to remember your tips! They were very helpful! :D

    Love you muchly!

  2. Thanks Rachel. You are always such an encouragement.