Friday, May 25, 2012

Send A Letter

By Rose H.
Persecution for Christians didn’t end a thousand years ago. Christians are still being persecuted today. All over the world Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, and harmed for Christ’s name.
It’s a far cry from what we think of as persecution. Voice of the Martyrs has been a huge help me remember what real persecution is. With real stories, news flashes, and books they help you to the big picture. It always sends me into prayer for my fellow believers who are being tortured for Christ.

But there is something you can do. On their website [link here] you can send letters to prisoners. Voice of the Martyrs will let you choose what goes into the letter and then they print it out and send it to someone who has been imprisoned because of Christ. It’s a great way to send a little encouragement to their lives. And language is no barrier because VOM translates all letters and lets you see what the finished letter will look like.
This a simple way to encourage the persecuted in other countries.
It’s also a wonderful website to go to for news on the Church all over the world. For more information go to       

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