Friday, February 3, 2012

Tips & Hints Part 1

For the next month I’m going to be sharing with you some suggestions for little things that you can do as part of you ministry. 

From Any Soldier

Here’s a tip from our friends at Any Soldier

Next time you send out a care package to the troops, here’s a little something extra that you can put it the box. 

Beanie Babies!
No kidding! A really good excuse to get rid of those things (don't buy new ones, collect them from your house and ask your friends)!! Send some in every package to ALL units as they are really easy for the Soldiers to carry with them and give to the local kids who love them. These are better than small plastic toys which will break easily and are not as easy to carry in a pack. There is NO more effective ambassador for our country than a Soldier helping the local folks. This is done far more often than the press shows, and quite probably the most important thing a Soldier will ever do.

For more information on care packages and how you can help soldiers go to

Note: Be sure to check the charity that you are sending your care packages through. Some sites don't take stuffed animals.  

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