Tuesday, July 12, 2011


     Friend. I love that word. The girls I call my friends have to be the most amazing people in the world. They put up with me and all my strange and crazy moods and still like me! 
     I enjoy being a friend. It's a great two-way street. We both mutually encourage one another and spur one another on in love and good works.
     I've been crazily busy lately and tired. But I have such great friends. They love me and encourage me to keep going even when I'm not feeling well. Sometimes they don't even have to say it, just because they took the time to talk to me was enough to encourage me to go on. Or they just took time to write me a note that brightened my day.
     I know that normally I don't do a lot of personal posts, but I wanted to remind you that being a true friend is a great blessing. Both to you and to your friend. It takes time, love, and an unselfish heart. Many times it takes more than ministry, but it's reward is wonderful. 
     My mom likes to say that there are only two things that we get to take to heaven, friendships and the heavenly treasure that's being laid up for us. I don't know about you, but that makes me want to invest in these kind friends. To invest my time in friends that will be around for eternity. It makes me want to be a Christ-like friend, like they are to me.
     I love you, dear friends. 

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