Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ministry Update: Co-op

On Thursday I completed my first semester of co-op. Here are just a few things that God has allowed me to do (ministry wise).

1. I got to teach five girls some homemaking arts

2. I got to sing and bless some people.

3. I got write not only in the co-op newsletter, but I also got to write an adaptation of a book in play form that is going to be produced.

4. I got to give cards and gifts to people who were having birthdays and to my secret sister.

5. I got to be the hands and feet of Christ many times.

Through one ministry I have gotten to do many little ministries. And that has been a blessing.

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  1. Hi Rosie! I'm Kaboom-and I read your article for Shining Stars Magazine. This is a really neat site because I have been looking for places to send things to. Thank you for putting this up!